A Focus on Long-Term Care and Disability Income Planning

For individuals, couples, families and as
Employee Worksite Benefits

Traditional Long term care insurance

Often times the most robust and complete Long Term Care planning tool is traditional stand-alone Long Term Care Insurance, which requires good health to qualify.

Life and Annuities with Long term care Benefits

Another way to protect against the risk of Long Term Care costs is to use a hybrid solution like Life Insurance or Annuities with Long Term Care benefits.

Immediate Need Annuities

For people over 70 who need long term care now and would to establish a firewall around Long Term Care costs, an Immediate Need Annuity is an option.

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Employee Benefits and Deferred Compensation

Adding Long Term Care Insurance as an Employee Benefit can either be a voluntary benefit, employer-sponsored, deferred compensation or a Controlled Executive Bonus Plan — a Section 162 plan.

Current Median Costs of Long Term Care

Almost 70% of the people over 65 need Long Term Care, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The costs of care varies by type of care and location.

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Chaired by Louis H. Brownstone for over 20 years, CLTC is the largest independent LTCI brokerage in California, with over 14,000 clients. Louis is recognized as a national LTCI leader and advocate for client-friendly product innovation and improvements.


Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Income Insurance Agent, John H. Fullen provides customized solutions to meet your planning goals, balancing both budget and benefit objectives. As a former caregiver for over 15 years, he experienced the full range long term care challenges, including both the emotional and financial costs personally and for the extended family.

Traditional Long term care insurance

A type of supplemental health insurance, Long Term Care Insurance was created in the 1970s to assist with covering the costs of long term personal and custodial care, such as home care, residential care, adult day care, and skilled nursing care.

Applicants for Long Term Care Insurance can design a Long Term Care benefit amount based on a daily maximum amount of care to assist with the activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing and eating.

Determining the cost of Long Term Care Insurance is based on:

The age of the applicantThe maximum daily benefit The maximum number of years that a policy would reimburse the client A deductible or “elimination” period An annual benefit increase rider, to increase with inflation
Qualifying for coverage with Long Term Care Insurance requires medical underwriting, and may result in delayed consideration, a decline or higher premium cost.

Utilizing the assistance of an Long Term Care Insurance broker does not add expense to a plan, but it does provide an opportunity to compare costs of premium and underwriting requirements of a range of insurance companies offering Long Term Care Insurance, for example, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth Financial and MassMutual.

Discounts are available based on good health, marriage, domestic partnerships, certain association memberships and occasionally through one's worksite.

Life and Annuities with Long Term Care Benefits

Sometimes, current health conditions or estate planning priorities lead individuals to consider Long Term Care planning through Life Insurance or Annuities, with Long Term Care benefit riders.

The main advantage of this type of combination solution is that regardless of our future situation, our premium payments will fund either an Long Term Care benefit, a Life Insurance benefit or an annuity with Long Term Care. Examples of such solutions include Lincoln MoneyGuard II, State Life’s AssetCare family of products, Nationwide’s CareMatters, and MassMutual’s CareChoice. These combination policies also require medical underwriting during the application process, but it sometimes varies from traditional Long Term Care Insurance.

For clients over age 59.5, it is possible to use tax-qualified funds from a 401K or IRA with the AssetCare III of State Life OneAmerica to protect against the risk of the high costs of long term care.

For HNW Individuals, premium financing is available to transfer risk for long term care costs while complimenting estate planning needs.

Immediate Need Annuities

When a family member over age 70 already needs assistance with professional care, living and other expenses, an Immediate Need Annuity may be a option. This possibility is a way to pay for care even when we can’t medically qualify for Long Term Care Insurance, and we are worried about outliving our savings.

State Life offers Immediate Care and Genworth Financial offers Income Assurance Immediate Need Annuity, both medically underwritten single-premium immediate annuities to help fund care that is needed now with monthly payments guaranteed for life.

Employee Benefits and Deferred Compensation

Thousands of companies offer Long-Term Care Insurance as an Employee Benefit, mostly as a voluntary or an employee-paid option, and partial employer contributions. Applying for Long-Term Care benefits through one's employment may offer cost savings and simplified medical underwriting.

Employers may also provide Long-Term Care Insurance as a type of deferred compensation for retention, or a Controlled Executive Bonus Plan — also known as a Restrictive Bonus or Section 162 plan, which allows employers to use tax deductible money as a bonus to fund a life insurance policy for employees.

Median Costs of Care

In the USA, nearly $725 billion is spent annually on Long Term Care, including $63 billion of families’ Out-of-Pocket Costs

2017 Annual Median Costs for Long Term Care, for example, in California, according to the latest Cost of Care Survey by Genworth:

$ 57,000 / Year for Home Health Care$ 51,300 / Year for Assisted or Residential Care$ 97,367 / Year for Semi-Private Room for Nursing Home Care.$ 116,435 / Year for a Private Room for Nursing Home Care
Projected Annual Costs in 20 Years:

$ 103,310 / Year for Home Health Care$ 92,654 / Year for Assisted or Residential Care$ 175,856 / Year for Semi-Private Room for Nursing Home Care.$ 210,295 / Year for a Private Room for Nursing Home Care
Unfortunately, most people mistakenly believe their health insurance or Medicare will cover the costs of Long Term Care past 100 days. To access the government assistance of Medicaid for Long Term Care, individuals need to "spend-down" to poverty levels of resources.


You deserve personalized planning assistance to finance the costs of Long Term Care. A range of solutions are available including Long Term Care Insurance, Long Term Care with Life and Annuities, and Disability Income Insurance.

A graduate of University of California at Berkeley, B.A., and University of Michigan, MBA, and a licensed LTCI and DI broker, John H. Fullen was an unplanned caregiver. Shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley, he called his Polish Grandma in Toledo, Ohio from a pay phone on University Avenue, Berkeley to check up on her. She shared that she couldn't use her can opener nor switch out the window summer screens for the winter. He packed up his car and left Berkeley to move to Ohio for one month. He thought he could convince his Grandma and Great Aunt to move to the San Francisco Bay Area where they had immediate family, and then move on with his career. Instead, he served his family as primary caregiver for his Grandma and Great Aunt for over 15 years, while founding a community service organization in Toledo.

Over the years, he and his family experienced the full range of long term care challenges. As a family, we learned about the importance of having a team approach to care, to help the members with declining health, and support each other through the ups and downs. Having a care plan in place helps improve the quality of life and may even help bring about improvements in health for some time.

Since 2010, John has helped individuals, families, and businesses put Long Term Care plans in place, while also assisting with Disability Income and Life Insurance solutions. John considers it an honor and privilege to help others, either in person or via the phone and Internet.

Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Income Insurance Agent, John H. Fullen provides customized solutions to planning goals, balancing budget and benefit objectives. John and his wife live and work in Burlingame, California. His wife, Xiaolan Lu, is a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens.

Depending on the preferences and proximity of his clients, John assists with planning both in person and via the phone and Internet.

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